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SKU/Item Number: K1

Have a grounding and relaxing energy. According to Russian scientific studies the Rods-Kont can help lower blood pressure and relieve insomnia. They are an excellent choice for those who are new to energy work because they gently open the bio-field for greater expansion.


Price: $269.00

SKU/Item Number: Q2

Soothing to the body and gently stimulating to the psychic energies. They also prepare the energy system for expansion and studies show that these Rods stimulate immune function. They are a great alternative to the Rods-Kont if you have low blood pressure.

Quartz 2

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Quartz 3

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SKU/Item Number: C1

Stimulates mental and psychic energy, thereby enhancing meditation and mental clarity. These high frequency rods may be uncomfortable for those who are not accustomed to energy work. It is important to manage your mental-psychic energies while using these rods for they will amplify your intentions. Rods-Crystal are an excellent choice for healers and those who are accustomed to receiving energy work.


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SKU/Item Number: C2

Has a higher amplitude than the Rods Crystal. The Crystal 2 Rods can be used for small group work, visioning and manifestation.

Crystal 2

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Egyptian healing rods


Increase Vitality


Balance Yin-Yang


Balance Your Chakras


Manifest What You Desire

The most potent energy tool available today!) Instantly elevates you into higher dimensions! They will connect you with your past lives and multi-dimensional energy. This set of Rods assists you with moving through dimensions quickly and effortlessly, and is best suited for experienced energy workers. They are also ideal for Healing. Circle events and groups.

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The Rods Free Flow quickly balance Yin/Yang energies, are used for grounding and Mental Clarity.

Rods Free Flow

Quartz 3 is the highest amplitude of the Quartz rods.

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These rods are primarily designed for Healing Practitioners) Practitioners enjoy this set of Rods since they take you to the Halls of Higher Consciousness and energy access. They can also be used as “healing Lasers” by connecting & magnifying the practitioners energy to the healing source of the divine.